Welcome to the European Flame Retardants Association (EFRA)

EFRA brings together and represents the leading organisations which manufacture, market or use flame retardants in Europe.
The industry’s advocacy activities also are the responsibility of EFRA since the dissolution and EFRA’s integration of EBFRIP (the Brominated Flame Retardants Association) in early 2011.

As changing technologies improve our everyday lives, their components can also introduce new risks, which need to be constantly monitored and addressed. EFRA, together with its team of experts is prepared and entrusted by its Members to constantly inform and advocate on fire safety and health and safety considerations, to protect both users and producers alike.

Aligning itself with the entire value chain of downstream users, there are four application forums: electrical and electronic, upholstered furniture and textiles, transportation and construction through which EFRA can establish relationships with its different stakeholders. This allows a strengthening of dialogue with EU decision makers, Member States and at international level, as well as enabling the development of specific pro-active development programmes supported by sound science.

Housed as a sector group within CEFIC - the European Chemical Industry Council in Brussels, EFRA have long been committed to the safe development and use of all types of flame retardants, which are classified according to their major constituent elements.

As concern about human and environmental health and the use of chemicals has grown considerably over the years, so too has EFRA’s responsibility toward ensuring that each product meets the most stringent of safety requirements in Europe.

Constantly addressing the need to reduce environmental health impacts and at the heart of its Responsible Care® programme within the CEFIC organisation, EFRA administers VECAP, a voluntary industry programme aimed at promoting responsible use and control of chemical emissions during materials handling and processing, both with manufacturers and downstream users. It has been recognised as an outstanding tool in product stewardship.
A recent report highlights the increased level of participation in the VECAP programme, which confirms the flame retardants industry’s commitment to implement best practice.