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As an industry, EFRA and all its member companies are totally committed to the guiding principles of Responsible Care®, the global chemical industry’s initiative to drive continuous improvement in its environmental, health and safety performance and to communicate with stakeholders about products and processes.

We believe the sound management of chemicals is essential to meet our commitment to sustainable development.

Excellence in product stewardship being at the core of our activities, EFRA has a Product Stewardship Team (PST) who lead environmental initiatives such as VECAP®, and research activities about the End-of-Life phase of products containing flame retardants.

These are complemented with ad-hoc working groups, addressing related regulatory or substance-specific issues as they arise: the RoHS Directive recast is a recent example.

The Responsible Care® programme includes the Global Charter

  • addresses the growing public concern and dialogue over sustainable development, public health isues and the need for increased transparency from industry
  • a number of new measures are being implemented such as global performance reporting and external verification processes that go beyond self-assessment
  • it commits companies to promote the safe use of chemical products under it’s Global Product Strategy
  • and to enhance their committent to product stewardship throughout the value chain.

Through continued co-operation with national and international scientific and regulatory bodies, EFRA and the manufacturers of flame retardants strive to gain a thorough understanding of the environmental effects of their products.